Recomendations for going to a beach City!

If you go on vacation to cities such as Cancun or Miamis with hot weather, you should carefully consider what beachwear you should wear. For this we think about giving you some recommendations.


Although we love velvet, it is not the ideal material to be on the beach. Kaftans and sarongs of cotton, lightweight and cool fabrics are what you should consider when choosing your beach outfit.


Although it sounds like barbarism, many people wear socks on the beach … please do humanity a favor and DO NOT do this. To make your feet free of sand and shells use espadrilles that have time in vogue.
Photo: Sta Pepis


Although we love our precious metal jewelry, it is advisable to leave them safe at home. On the one hand, the jewels are usually swallowed by the sand and on the other the sea water mistreats our valuable garments a lot, it is preferable that you use hair accessories like bandanas. On the one hand it will help you to see regal with vintage hairstyles and on the other it will free you from the heat. Also hats, headbands, wreaths, etc., are fun and beautiful elements.
Photo: Vintage70’s instagram


Yes, a tragic beach error. Some people to feel more protected wear underwear to hold friends. But there are swimsuits that are magical and that you should consider according to your body type before going to exhibit with more than necessary. There are some models with support and protect you from any wave that could accide your style. Remember that comfort is sometimes more elegant!
Photo: Albion


It is essential that we protect ourselves from the sun, not only the skin, but also the eyes. You may find those lenses you saw on sale to be fun and elegant. But you have to keep in mind that UV protection is necessary if you wnat to continue admiring your beauty in the mirror … a healthy person will always be the most IN anywhere.
Photo: margadirube

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